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In this 24th episode of Socially Awkward, the crew welcome back Andrew Hopkins to talk about the Phoenix Comicon 2013 experience.

We also talk recent news, NSA monitoring, Music, video games and more!

So sit back, pop in your VHS of the Brave Little Toaster and…


Listen to internet radio […]

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The Socially Awkward crew return to the studio to broadcast LIVE on 5/31/2013.

This is the first show after the team returned from Phoenix Comicon 2013, so that obviously dominated the conversation!

Eric, Stephen & Matthew talk about their Con experiences, from the panels they saw to the art to the costumes and everything in […]

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Ah… Sunday. The final day of Phoenix Comicon 2013.

A bittersweet day, lots of cool stuff to do, but the knowledge that at the end of the day, there’s no more for another year. There were still tons of people there, all trying – like me – to squeeze every last drop of nerdity out […]

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For me, Saturday was the best day of the 2013 Phoenix Comicon. Although I had a great time on Thursday and on Friday, Saturday was still the best… mostly because I got to share it with my awesome wife, Amy!


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Well… it’s all over. The convention center is empty, the guests are on planes back to wherever they call home, the vendors have packed it in and are home counting their take. Phoenix Comicon 2013 is done.

It was a crazy weekend, running from panel to panel, waiting in lines for shows that we didn’t […]

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Last night (Thursday, May 23) was the “Preview” day for 2013 Phoenix Comicon. In the past this has been a pretty chill night, with only the hardest of the core coming out to beat the lines for badges, and for exhibitors to have extra set up time. This year, it seems, was something completely different!

The place […]

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In this, our 21st episode, the Socially Awkward crew sit down to talk about Phoenix Comicon 2013 and our past Con experiences.

Because the crew is actually AT Comicon, for the first time in SAS history, this is NOT a live show. That didn’t stop us from having a great conversation all about Phoenix Comicon – past […]

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In this, the 20th LIVE broadcast of Socially Awkward Studios, the crew is back in full and welcome two special guests as well.

Our first guest, Angela Kennedy, came on via Skype to talk about the FOUR panels she’ll be on for Phoenix Comicon. Including one for  Harry Potter! You can follow Angela on Youtube […]

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