Well… it’s all over. The convention center is empty, the guests are on planes back to wherever they call home, the vendors have packed it in and are home counting their take. Phoenix Comicon 2013 is done.

It was a crazy weekend, running from panel to panel, waiting in lines for shows that we didn’t end up getting into, walking what felt like miles and miles to try and see all the vendors (a goal I’m still sure I didn’t meet), and of course the pungent funk of thousands of nerds packed in tight.

In other words… it was AWESOME!

I’ve already posted about the “Preview” day on Thursday, if you want to revisit, you may click HERE. So I’m going to break down my Con experience day by day. This posting is about Friday, the first full day of the convention.

Friday was a short day for me, since I unfortunately had to work. I did, however, make it in time to catch the last half of our very own Stephen Mooney’s Quentin Tarantino panel. Even though I only caught half, I could tell that the entire panel was very knowledgeable in everything Tarantino. If they repeat a panel of this nature next year, I’ll be sure to make time to check it out!

At the panel, I met up with Matthew Renfro and we headed down to the main exhibitor hall to check out the vendors and say ‘hi’ to the people we knew that would be down there. We visited with Tavis Maiden of the Konamis, Stranger Danger and of course, Strip Search fame. We also found the Critical Care Comics table to see how Zeff was doing. Where we were able to take a picture with some of his extensive collection of Star Wars prop helmets. P.S. Check out that sweet, sweet shirt Boba Renfro is rocking. You want one? Head over HERE to pick one up!

Darth Eric and Boba Renfro

Darth Eric and Boba Renfro

After checking out some more of the awesome art, cool toys available, and of course the great cos-players, we headed out for dinner with friends before trying to get into the “Talk Nerdy To Me” burlesque panel.

Unfortunately, too many other geeks saw the word “burlesque” and also tried to pack in to the tiny space at the Renaissance. We didn’t make the cut, and missed what I’m sure was a great show. Despite missing the show we wanted to see, we still made the most of the night by meeting up with Matt & Jen Hinds (previous guests on the show) and closing out the night with a few drinks.

Standing outside the Networks bar across from the Phoenix Convention center having a few beers we got to see an endless parade of awesome costumes, a few lightsaber duels and even a smoking and drinking Darth Vader. In other words, the type of thing that on any other weekend would seem completely out of place. But on Memorial Day weekend, in downtown Phoenix, AZ? All was right with the world.

Stay tuned for my experience from Saturday and Sunday… coming soon!


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