Welcome to a very special Tuesday edition of the Socially Awkward Studios show!

Why are we broadcasting on Tuesday instead of Friday, you ask? Because on starting this Thursday, and running all the way through Sunday is Phoenix Comicon 2015! The Socially Awkward, and Four Eyed Radio Network will be out in force and you can expect quite a lot of reporting on the event in the coming weeks.

Today, we have a couple of VERY special guests in the studio with us. The founders of the awesome “unofficial” Phoenix Comicon online fan club and Facebook group – AKA the Blue Ribbon Army – Matt & Jen Hinds!


Matt & Jen are no strangers to the SAS, having appeared on previous episodes. This time, they’re here to talk about the Blue Ribbon Army (the BRA), how it started, what it’s grown into, and much more!

Kick back and let us tickle your ear holes with delight!

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