Time to dive into the DC Universe and lets talk about the latest movie released straight to video Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox DC has been releasing a lot of their graphic novels into a film adaptation and they have been doing a wonderful job with these. This one focuses on the super hero the Flash, I will be the first to say I have never been a really big fan of the Flash, don’t get me wrong I think he is an amazing character, but to be the main focus of a movie I mean not much you can do with a guy who runs, really, really, fast. I do like this storyline though, it made me root for this under dog and how much things can change with just a simple change in time. I will say I am going to give away a few spoilers, so if you do not want anything ruined then I say stop reading now, go out and watch this movie and then come back we can wait. For those of you who are still here, lets get to it.


This movie starts off with Barry Allen AKA the Flash, at his mothers grave putting flowers on it wishing her a happy birthday, you soon realize that in the past Barry comes home to his mothers dead body after a break through, as he says only if he was faster coming home, he would have been there, he could of stopped it. Before you know it, the Flash is called into action, where all of his worst villains have broken into the The Flash Museum, Flash soon shows us and lays the smack down on these foes. Though he is soon capture while a bigger plan unfolds where his evil counterpart shows up Professor Zoom, who tells Flash that he plans on blowing up Central City while taking out Flash and all the villains he higher to help him capture Flash, before you know it the JL shows up to help.


Each of them take the villains who have bombs strap to them away from the museum to disarm the bombs. Flash take out Professor Zoom, while all of them are being taken away to jail Professor Zoom makes a remake how Barry can’t save everyone, while Batman tells Flash that Zoom knows what to say to get under your skin. Barry takes off to blow off some steam, though when he awakes the next morning he notices that the world he once knew has changed.


Barry’s mom is alive, he can no longer run faster then the speed of light, all he know is that he has to find Batman. Once he finds Batman you realizes that Batman is not Bruce Wayne…but Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne, Barry finds out who ever changed the past, changed everything, Bruce was the one who died in crime alley, though with Thomas as Batman and an even darker Batman then Bruce was, you find out that Thomas’s wife became the Joker on that night. Barry tells Thomas that he needs to replicate the accident that gave him his powers. Mean while with Batman being Thomas Wayne more has changed in this time line, Wonder Women and Aqua man are at war with the planet earth as their battle ground. If know one stops this senseless war the earth will be doomed. Without giving to much away, I will say this was a fantastic movie, non stop action, and a great storyline, the best part of the movie is at the end with Bruce Wayne, I wont give it away, but if you are a comic book geek and you don’t get a little choked up at this part then you are just as bad as the Daredevil movie. I give this movie 9/10 and I only give it that cause you will have to buy it, I do not know when it will be out on Netflix. Until next time, see you at the movies.


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