It’s time for a movie review and not by Eric this time, I seen a lot of movies so far this summer and I should really do some reviews the first one up is The Man of Steel I got to see the midnight release with my brother Player 2 (Kyle Mooney). Now my brother and I both have different taste in super heroes he has always been a Superman fan as for me I have always been a Batman fan, last Superman movie I saw in theaters was the God awful Superman: Returns I hated that movie do to the fact that mother fucker never throws a punch in that whole film (for real, check it out.) Going into this movie I have my doubts about it, and not being a big Superman fan I basically set my expectations very, very low for this blockbuster summer movie. If you have not seen the movie yet I would stop reading now because I will be dropping the spoiler bomb.

The movie has a Batman: Begins feel to it, it jumps back and forth from Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) showing you where he is now, and what his past has been like growing up with these powers. It does show in the beginning of the film the planet Krypton where Jor-El (Russel Crowe) is in a counsel hearing and is telling the elders about the state of the planet and they must move quickly before the planet collapse on its self. Of course they don’t care and then General Zod (Micheal Shannon) shows up and starts yelling, screaming, and then just ices a mother fucker. Before you know it Zod is hunting Jor-El down as he (Jor-El) is trying to save his people by stealing Krypton’s DNA codex which he send off with his son Kal-El (Clark Kent). Soon enough the spaceship carrying Krypton’s last son crashes to earth and is found by Martha Kent (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) during his time with his earth parents his father keeps telling him the world isn’t ready to see you for who you really are if they every found out they would take you away from us and run experiments on you. Clark try’s to keep his powers in check through out his childhood, though he does have to step up and save a bus of his school chums at one point or just let them all drown in a lake.

Before you know it Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is following her leads on this man who keeps saving people and than disappears, soon her and Clark end up in Alaska where Clark finds one of Krypton’s lost spaceships where Clark finds out about where he came from and what he can do he then suits up, and takes his first flit in the classic red and blue. At this part of the movie I am hooked, I can’t keep my eyes off the screen and nor do I want to take a bathroom break, and the fighting between him and Zod hasn’t even started yet. Before you know it earth receives a message from Zod telling them to had over one of their own who has been living among them for years, Superman hands himself over to Zod and finds out that Zod plans on rebuilding Krypton while killing all life as we know it on earth, well Superman isn’t going to stand for that. Superman kicks the crap out of and gets the crap kicked out of himself while they pretty much level towns and cities during these battles. I have to say even though I pretty sure a lot of people died during this, I don’t really care cause it was fucking awesome to see Superman throw evil threw buildings and punch evil in it’s stupid fucking face.

It comes down to a final battle where Zod and Superman battle it out over, under, and in Metropolis, Zod pretty much set up his own death when he tells Superman will have to kill him to win, and then Superman does something that I never thought he would do, he breaks Zod’s fucking neck like it was nothing. Now, I know that this movie got a lot of mixed reviews from fans and critics a like. Now I understand Superman should not have let like almost everyone in Metropolis die and or destroy it like it was a cheap model you get at Walmart , but it was pretty awesome to see that. I say if you are down for an action packed film and you want to get out of the summer heat, check out The Man of Steel I give it a 8/10, see you all at the movies.

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