I would have to say the this was one of the funniest movies I did see all summer, I didn’t see it though till late. The movie is based on a short film Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel were in, from 2007, called Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse, they then turned it into a full length film which was released on June 12, 2013. Now right off the bat this movie is pretty much about a bunch of celebrities getting together for a huge party at Jame Franco. Seth Rogen’s best friend Jay Baruchel comes into town to hang out for the weekend, they are smoking weed and watching movies, and just hagning out.  Seth tells Jay there is going to be a party at Jame’s house, Jay really didn’t want to go to cause he feels that none of Seth celebrity friends really like him and he didn’t want Seth to do what he does at every party and ditch him. Soon enough they are at the party and there is so many celebrities in this movie, all playing themselves or more like a crazier version of themselves. Soon Jay and Seth run to a local gas station to pick up smokes when all of a sudden a huge earthquake happens, and pretty much the Apocalypse comes.

This_Is_The_End_36990Before you know it a bunch of celebrities are killed off leaving a few behind to hold up in Jame’s house to try to figure out just what the hell is going on. before you know it, the men are at each other throats fighting over who ate all the food, drinking all the water, and pretty much a bunch of past events between Jay and Seth comes up that almost ruins there friendship. Also if you are not a fan of Jonah Hill spoilers he does get rapped by a demon. you will also see a lot of demon penis in this movie so get ready for that kids.

This-Is-The-End-Rogen-Franco-HillI was laughing so hard during this movie, it was a great movie, if you want a great comedy to watch this summer I say check out This is the End, I give it a 9/10. See you all at the movies.


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