In this, the 20th LIVE broadcast of Socially Awkward Studios, the crew is back in full and welcome two special guests as well.

Our first guest, Angela Kennedy, came on via Skype to talk about the FOUR panels she’ll be on for Phoenix Comicon. Including one for  Harry Potter! You can follow Angela on Youtube at

Our second guest, Matthew Yenkala, also came on to talk about Phoenix Comicon. Specifically, all the fan based experiences for Babalon 5 that will be available this year! You can follow Matthew on twitter @MrProducerGuy

Once the guests are gone, Eric and Stephen read YOUR answers to our racy Socially Awkward Question: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard – or said – in bed? There’s some good ones in there, so don’t miss it!

Before closing out the show, the guys talk about the Amy’s Baking Company social media fiasco and discuss proper tipping etiquette.

So sit back, make sure to call your partner my the right name, and…


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