Welcome to a very special Tuesday edition of the Socially Awkward Studios show!

Why are we broadcasting on Tuesday instead of Friday, you ask? Because on starting this Thursday, and running all the way through Sunday is Phoenix Comicon 2015! The Socially Awkward, and Four Eyed Radio Network will be out in force and you […]

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It’s Friday, May 22nd, 2015 and welcome back to the Socially Awkward Studios!

This week, Eric is out on a camping trip, so Steve-O and Matt are running the show!

Direct download available at http://foureyedradio.com/sas114

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Welcome back to the Socially Awkward Studios! It’s Friday, May 15th and this week we’re joined by some very special guests!

Is studio with Eric, Steve-O, & Matt are 3 of the hosts of the newest Four Eyed Radio show, Pitch, Please?!

Pitch, Please?! is a podcast that pins three comedians against each other […]

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Eric, and Stephen are back in the studio on this Matt-free April 24th, 2015!

With us this week, are some great artists who will be presenting that the Arizona Comic Mini Expo, being is held this May 2nd and 3rd!

Download available at http://foureyedradio.com/sas110

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It’s another Friday the 13th episode! Eric, Steve-O, and Matthew are in the Socially Awkward Studio broadcasting LIVE on 3/13/2015!

This week, we have special guests, Sarrah and Robert from Red Nebula Cosplay and Studios! We’ll talk cosplay, costumes, props, art, dragons, conventions, and maybe Jabba the Hutt porn? We’ll also give the newly expanded […]

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We’re back again! Eric, Steve-O, and Matthew are in the Socially Awkward Studio broadcasting LIVE on 3/6/2015!

This week, we welcome very special guests, comedian Kevin Elliot from Appropriately Inappropriate! We’ll talk stand-up, podcasting, news, current events, TV, movies, music, gaming and more!

Download available at http://foureyedradio.com/sas105

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